My Ideas to Improve West Virginia


Improve Our Economy

  • Take firm control of OUR oil and gas. 

  • Increase Taxes on raw materials leaving the state. 

  • Fight the Commerce Clause. 

  • Promote "Coopetition" with our state neighbors in the Marcellus/Utica shale industry. 

  • Attract and grow entrepreneurship, industry and manufacturing.  

  • Market the state as a place open for new business and entrepreneurship.

  • Improve infrastructure: Roads, rails (explore passenger rail service), internet and cell service. 

Grow Our Population

  • Recruit new residents to West Virginia

  • Retain our student population - stop the ”brain drain”

  • Create certified retirement communities 

  • Create Entrepreneurship and Tax free zones

  • Offer incentives to relocate, rebuild and refurbish cities, buildings and homes

Improve Tourism

  • Upgrade and Modernize WV Park system 

  • Enact entrance fees to state parks 

  • Encourage new tourism ideas, promote "active" tourism among in-state residents

  • Keep WV Clean. Protect our land, air and water from pollution and promote anti-litter campaign (cigarette butts)

Improve Government

  • Decrease taxes on Working West Virginians

  • Shrink Government

  • Reduce Jail Costs

  • Reduce Welfare and State Aid Costs

  • Provide greater local control to local government and county school boards

  • Openness and Transparency 


  • No one graduates without a plan (college, military, vocational) Everyone has to have a plan. 

  • Increase high school internships, work study, promote vocational and "real-world" skills

  • Free Post Secondary School Education

  • Provide more local control to county Boards of Education 

  • Provide easier access to DMV (drivers license), create mobile DMV service

What are your ideas?

Have an idea or some thoughts or questions on my ideas? Drop me an email @

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