Working for Working-Class West Virginians and their Families to make this state a better place to live, work and play. 

Why I am Running for Governor

My plan for West Virginia: Diverisfy our economy, grow our population, provide better access to education and improve our quality of life.  These are things I have done in the Mid-Ohio Valley and I can do it for ALL of West Virginia. 

About Me

The family

The Present

Happily Married, father of 3 boys and 4 cats (that's 3 cats too many), living and working in Parkersburg , West Virginia. 


Where I've been

1991 Graduate of Fayetteville High School (Fayetteville, WV), and a 1996 graduate of Concord College (now Concord University). 

I've been a whitewater raft guide, worked food service, sales associate for a construction materials company, spent 15 years in the newspaper industry as a sports writer, and news reporter, written articles for a variety of state, local and regional publications, worked for the Pleasants Area Chamber of Commerce and the Pleasants County Development Authority. Currently, I work for a package delivery company. 


What I can do

I love this state. I am well-versed in its history. And well-traveled, having been to all 55 counties. I am a sportsman and I enjoy the outdoors (golf, hiking, mountain biking). I understand how government functions and how businesses work. I am a small business owner, and I have helped get several small businesses off the ground, create community events, grow tourism, invest in communities, grow interest and pride, rebuild businesses vital to the community and save economy-shaping production facilities.


Growing/Diversifying our Economy and Population

Willow Island Power Station in Pleasants County

Recruit/attract and grow entrepreneurship, industry and manufacturing not dependent on WV’s raw material extractions. 

Recruit new residents and retain our current and future workforce.

Better Government

The Gold Domed State Capital

Smaller Government. More/Improved Infrastructure. Lower taxes on working West Virginians and more local control to county and municipal governments.

Improve Our Education


Local Control of county education to county boards of education. All graduates must have a plan and Free post-secondary education for ALL West Virginians. 


Like you, I am a working middle-class West Virginian. To lead this state my campaign needs funding to compete with the monied politicans

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